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LitNet is ’n onafhanklike joernaal op die Internet, en word as gesamentlike onderneming deur Ligitprops 3042 BK en Media24 bedryf.

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This competition is sponsored in association with The Property Magazine, who are celebrating their first birthday. We have made winning really easy.

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Question: “In what year did The Property Magazine start?”

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  1. The prize is limited to a maximum bond of R1-million on a residential property in South Africa.
  2. If the winner has an outstanding mortgage loan balance of less than R1-million then only the actual bond instalment payments will be awarded for their bond.
  3. If the winner has an outstanding mortgage loan balance in excess of R1-million then the bond instalment payments up to the R1-million maximum will be awarded.
  4. If the winner does not have a bond then they will have until 30 September 2005 to take out a bond, subject to usual credit application and other mandatory requirements, through MortgageSA, to be able to claim their prize. Should they fail to do this then the prize will be redrawn and awarded to another entrant.
  5. The winner will receive their prize in 12 equal payments from MortgageSA, commencing within 28 days of notification and concluding 12 months thereafter.
  6. This competition is open to anyone, 21 years or older, residing within South Africa.
  7. The prize is not exchangeable for cash or any other product or service.
  8. The winner will be selected by means of an electronic random selection process, and is therefore fair and free from bias.
  9. Employees of Media Nova (Pty) Ltd and participating/associated companies and promotional agencies, contributors to The Property Magazine and the families of any of the above may not enter the competition.
  10. Only one entry per person.
  11. The winner will be drawn after the closing date of the competition and will be notified within 14 working days of the draw. If the winner cannot be notified within 30 days, an alternative winner may be chosen.
  12. The judgesí decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  13. All entries become the property of The Property Magazine.
  14. The Property Magazine reserves the right to forward entrantsí details to competition sponsors.
  15. Acceptance of the prize constitutes consent to use the winnerís name and photo for editorial, advertising and publicity purposes.
  16. The closing date for the competition is midnight on 31 August 2005.
  17. Entry to this competition represents acknowledgement and agreement of all rules and regulations, which are legal and binding.

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