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Helen Moffett
I’m currently an Honorary Research Fellow at the African Gender Institute at the University of Cape Town. I received my PhD from the English Department at UCT, where I have taught on and off for an alarming number of years. I’ve held fellowships at Princeton University and Mount Holyoke College in the US. I’m about to take up a post-doctoral fellowship at Emory University, but the achievements I’m proudest of include: being the first woman invited to give the Sir Frank Worrell Memorial lecture (on cricket) at the University of the West Indies; learning how to beach a kayak without turning turtle; and winning the Slug Award for the best poem published in Carapace in 2005.
      I have also worked in publishing, and was Oxford University Press’s academic editor for four years. I continue to work as a writing dogsbody (on bad days) and jill-of-all-writing-trades (on good days). This includes all sort of wordy business, from journalism to editing, assessing manuscripts, training, mentoring, researching and consulting (posh word for meeting blocked authors for coffee). I’m lucky to have a fascinating variety of clients – from academics in Canada to an embattled Palestinian NGO, from Rape Crisis to Cosmo magazine, from the HSRC to the Sports Science Institute of South Africa.
      Editing in particular has led to work with wonderful people and projects. After I edited In Our Lifetime: the biography of Walter and Albertina Sisulu (which went on to win the Noma Award), the author, Elinor Sisulu, whisked me off to Italy (other clients wondering how to show appreciation, take note). Three of the novels I’ve had a hand in have won the Sunday Times Literary Award. Right now, I’m trying to finish my own books: one on the relation between race and rape in post-apartheid South Africa; one on cricket; and a collection of poems.

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