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A Great Dance

Angifi Dladla

It was the reign of Kgosi Mangope
when I first met Mapheefo Kgetsane
in a dream we inhabited each other
at the village of Kgabalatsane:

Her breasts: two unearthly
fruits – bold as if to burst
within my hands
and mouth.

Twang of panties
I played downwards
to her toes;
something of a … serenade

With my whole hand
I measured the misunderstood.
My palm heaved –
Pulse of divine power!

Our hands and tongues – keys
of hills, curves, valleys,
forests, fountains and plains unlocking
hidden portals to sacred energies.

She was a python, coiling around me;
though we were more like cows,
licking each other until we glowed
in wetness. Even the eye

of my hardened penis! She felt and I
felt watering surrender. Greedily,
she grabbed and sucked and planted
me within.

It was an elegant start
with brilliant moments;
stars reading each other
in a game of all time.

We danced a sacred dance. Her legs
and knees in the rhythm of ecstasy
whispered heaven to my ears.
Such was the festival of determined souls!

Navel to navel we bonded,
in memory of our mothers.
We unleashed sacred delicacies
immortalizing the first Earth Couple.

I don’t know how many hours spent
within the firm grip and squeeze of the python
as we both moaned and groaned and screamed
and promised each other this and that and the whole universe.

I don’t know how many hours spent
before we went – dizzily – for a shower
clinging to each other like Siamese twins
and came back overflowing with presents.

It was the reign of Kgosi Mangope
when I first met Mapheefo Kgetsane
in a dream we blessed each other
at the village of Kgabalatsane:

She rolled me on the floor
to face heaven. There
legs apart, over me.

Her frog-jump stance
evolved into a slow dive –
ushering me into her world …!

At times she would pull out,
leaving me in space
to dab or browse her thighs.

She performed top dances
in all subtleties for me
to reach her world …!

We danced a great dance;
a gentle, revolving dance of the spheres;
a graceful choreography of all angles.

Deeper and deeper I flowed
higher and higher, eyes closed, she flew with me
visiting worlds I never imagined existed.

We danced a great dance. Our buttocks,
exquisite symmetry, resonated
the sublime poetry of the pelvis.

When I was sure – Oh,
my God, out
she …!

In naked fury, we reconnected.
I pitied her … but, I thought I was dying
in the rapture of such … savagery.

Was it a seaquake,
was it a volcano,
was it galactic thunder that
implosion of a launch
on her dazzling world?
I lost sense of time …

It was the reign of Kgosi Mangope
when late at noon I awoke
tired, thirsty and hungry
at the dream village of Kgabalatsane:

Still in pyjamas but clinging
to nothingness like a fool
rotting over the dead
father’s greatness.

“Bad bad dreams you had …
thanks to impepho incense;
wizards lost their centre.”
My mother offered me tea.

It was the reign of Kgosi Mangope
two days after the encounter
when I visited brother Strike
in the township of Mamelodi ...

A miracle of miracles
in this age of reason and prison:
at the bus terminal –
in a queue – tall and formal

A final-year student
at Heilbron College.
Ladylike, she shook her head and smiled.

We hugged and kissed each other,
“Ways things were,” she whispered,
“two of us; but, I surmise,
we woke up being three – or, four.”

It was the reign of Kgosi Mangope
four months after our encounter
far at a Natal boarding school
when a short letter I received …

“Hi God,
Miracles are within …
Goddess of abundance”

LitNet: 25 April 2006

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