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Zonwabele Tshayana I was born on the 7th of the 7th month in 1980. Under the Chinese Zodiac, I am represented by a Monkey. The year I was born is also the year of the Monkey. I am therefore a true Monkey and my name is Zonwabele Tshayana, fondly called Blackie by those close to me. I am a young writer whose dream it is to see young people throughout the country coming together and having writing seminars and publishing books jointly in order to end the racial tension amongst ourselves. Fortunately for me, I am one of few people who are HIV positive but not embarrassed to talk about it. I believe that being positive was God's way of saying here is a second chance, utilise it. I am also one of few intelligent, premature kids, for I know that all prematures are brilliant. For the past 24 years I have denied myself the chance to speak out to the whole world and tell people how I feel, but now, this is the time for everyone to stand up and speak. Say something and motivate the next person to say something in return.

Send your emails to: blackiet@ananzi.co.za, or take the discussion further on SêNet.


  • Why are HIV-related deaths such an issue? (03/03/05)
  • I love her so much, it hurts! (25/01/05)
  • Am I selfish? (14/01/05)
  • Loving someone older than you (10/12/04)
    My piece is about the past, the present and the future, pertaining to LOVE. Love, nowadays, is a very complicated issue. We are all in need of love, yet we are scared to love. Our love is measured by material things instead of happiness and inner fulfilment. We need to look back and carefully check to see where we lost it and find it from there so that we can move strongly forward with the right spirit. You can't love someone because he is poor? You can't love someone because he is physically challenged? You can't love someone because he is HIV positive? You can't love someone because he is younger than you? Will you ever find the right person for you to love? Is there anything called true love? How do you know when you are really in love?

    Why the name Phantsi komthunzi woMngcunube / In the shade of the willow tree:
    As youngsters in the rural areas, we would go to the riverbanks, with our partners, and hide under the trees and talk about our love and our future. These were our secret hide-outs where no one would see us — especially elders. But also, it is under these trees that a lot of babies were conceived. Maybe this name will remind people of all the decisions they made in their secret places whilst they were still young, and how those decisions have impacted in their lives.

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