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The Naledi stars are out ...

Press release

Theatre Managements of South Africa (TMSA) is proud to announce the names of the finalists for the 3rd annual Naledi Theatre Awards 2005 (Gauteng).

The Naledi Theatre Awards ceremony will take place this year at the new University of Johannesburg Arts Centre on Sunday, 19th February 2006.

This star-studded award ceremony will feature the presentation of cash awards and trophies to the winners in various categories, as well as Lifetime Achievement Awards, where the pillars of South African theatre will receive the recognition and the accolades they so richly deserve.

MCs for the ceremony are award-winning actor Bill Flynn and TV personality Rosie Motene. Presenters of each category will be well-known personalities from stage and television. Entertainment is provided with highlights from popular shows featured during the past year, including Sophiatown, Chicago, Ama-Taps, 2 for the price of 1 and Captain Entertainment in Music and Mayhem.

With just a month to go till this glittering event the finalists for the different categories have finally been chosen by the panel of judges – Zingi Mkefa, Christina Kennedy, Br Michael Burke, Carla Feldman, Cathryn Pearman, Christa Schamburger, Greg Homann, Helen Heldenmuth, Israel Nkati, Jakkie Groenewald, Jerry Raletebele, Luvuyo Kakaze, Lyle Britten, Paul Boekkooi, Peter Feldman, Robyn Sassen, Saint Seseli, Sandile Memela, Talia Rabinowitz, Thelma Machogo, Themba Kamathe and Theresa Leslie-Munchick, under the chairmanship of businessman Doug Maritz.

Sponsorship for the various categories has been secured from companies and individuals, including Standard Bank, FNB, Vodacom, Computicket, Gallo Music Group, the State Theatre, Wits Performing Arts Centre, Wharfedale, Saturn Records, Teljoy, Prosound, Christopher Seabrooke and Percy Tucker. Support funding has also been obtained from BASA and the Gauteng Dept of Arts and Culture, while Virgin Airlines has, for a third time, donated 2 tickets to London for a lucky finalist.

The Naledis cover all mainstream professional, live theatre productions that took place during the 12 months of 2005. The selection of finalists was made from 90 eligible productions that took place from January to December 2005.

The nominations in each category are as follows:

Best New South African Play Produced

Acropolis Café by Irene Stephanou
Art of Charf by Paul Slabolepszy
Cards by Mpumelelo Paul Grootboom
Exits and Entrances by Athol Fugard
Green Man Flashing by Mike van Graan
Relativity by Mpumelelo Paul Grootboom and Presley Chweneyagae

Best Production of a Play

Address Unknown produced by Pieter Toerien/directed by Alan Swerdlow
Exits and Entrances produced by Baxter Theatre/directed by Janice Honeyman
Faan se Trein produced by Albert Maritz/directed by Albert Maritz
Green Man Flashing produced by Market Theatre/directed by Clare Stopford
Relativity produced by the State Theatre/directed by Mpumelelo Paul Grootboom
Ying Tong, A Walk With the Goons produced by Pieter Toerien/directed by Alan Swerdlow

Best Production of a Musical

Big Dada produced by the Market Theatre/directed by Brett Bailey
Chicago – the Musical produced by Showtime Management and Global Capital/directed by Scott Faris
Childrens' Letters To God produced by Colin Law for Byway Asia/directed by Duncan Royce
House of Shaka produced by Committed Artists/directed by Mbongeni Ngema
Kat and the Kings produced by Stage Productions/directed by David Kramer
Sophiatown produced by the Market Theatre/directed by Malcolm Purkey

Best Production of a Revue

Captain Entertainment in Music and Mayhem – Ian Von Memerty
Groet die Grotman – Frans Swart/Hannes Muller
Is Ja – Jody Abrahams
Joe Barber 3 – Baxter Theatre/Market Theatre
My Name is Diamond – Nataniel
TV or not TV – Alan Committee

Best Production: Cutting Edge (Experimental/Mime/Alternative)

Ama-Taps – producer Market Theatre/director Samson Mabuza
Johnny Boskak is Feeling Funny – producer Daphne Kuhn/Greig Coetzee
The Chilli Boy – Matthew Ribnick
Hoot – Matthew Ribnick
The Travellers – Sylvaine Strike
2 for the price of 1 – producer Daphne Kuhn and Cpm/director Helen Iskander and James Cunningham

Best Ensemble Production

Ama-Taps – producer Market Theatre/director Samson Mabuza
Cards – State and Market/director Mpumelelo Paul Grootboom
Relativity – State/director Mpumelelo Paul Grootboom
Ying Tong, A Walk With the Goons – producer Pieter Toerien/director Alan Swerdlow
The Travellers – Sylvaine Strike
Elephant – Market Theatre and Dodgy Clutch

Best Director of a Play or Musical

Alan Swerdlow – Address Unknown
Alan Swerdlow – Ying Tong
Brett Bailey – Big Dada
Clare Stopford – Green Man Flashing
Janice Honeyman – Exits and Entrances
Mpumelelo Paul Grootboom – Cards
Mpumelelo Paul Grootboom – Relativity

Best Performance by an Actress in a Lead Role (Play)

Baby Cele – Cards
Denise Newman – Hear and Now
Elise Cawood – Art of Charf
Koketso Mojeba – Relativity
Louise Saint-Claire – From Door to Door
Vanessa Cooke – Acropolis Café

Best Performance by an Actor in a Lead Role (Play)

Graham Hopkins – Address Unknown
Martin le Maitre – Hostile Takeover
Lionel Newton – Hear and Now
Malcolm Terrey – Ying Tong
Paul Eilers – Faan se Trein
Sean Taylor – Exits and Entrances
Siyabonga Twala – Cards

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role (Play)

André Samuels – Green Man Flashing
Bryan Webber – Acropolis Café
Jason Ralph – Exits and Entrances
Theo Landey – Address Unknown
Fumani Shilubana – Relativity
Tumelo Chisane – Cards

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role (Play)

Charlotte Butler – Green Man Flashing
Clare Marshall – Butterflies are Free
Koketso Majelo – Cards
Lizz Meiring – As die kat weg is
Meme Ditshego – Acropolis Café
Rika Sennet – As die kat weg is

Best Performance in a Musical (Male)

Arthur Molepo – Sophiatown
Danny Butler – Kat and the Kings
Drummond Marais – Chicago
Emraan Adams – Kat and the Kings
Kj Haupt – Chicago
Paul du Toit – Rocky Horror Show

Best Performance in a Musical (Female)

Abigail Petersen – Kat and the Kings
Amra-Faye Wright – Chicago
Christine Weir – Songs of the Mediterranean
Gile Motshwane – Nunsense
Samantha Peo – Chicago
Angela Kilian – Sound of Music

Best Original Choreography (Musical or Revue)

Andile Bonde – Big Dada
Jeanette Mokhela – Mother of Rain
Jill Waterman – Sophiatown
Jody Abrahams / Loukmaan Adams – Kat and the Kings
Samson Mabuza – Ama-Taps
Nozipho Nguse – Once an African

Best Musical Director/Score/Arrangement

Arthur Molepo – Sophiatown
Bryan Schimmel – Chicago
Jane Rademeyer – Green Man Flashing
Janine Neethling – Songs from the Mediterranean
Samson Mabuza – Ama-Taps
Saranti Reeders – Immortality – the Bee Gees

Best Comedy Performance – Play/Musical/Revue (Male)

Alan Committee – TV or not TV
Graham Hopkins – Ying Tong
Hannes Muller – Groet die Grotman
Matthew Ribnick – Hoot
Michael Richard – Ying Tong
Wilson Dunster – Art of Charf

Best Comedy Performance – Play/Musical/Revue (Female)

Annabel Linder – From Door to Door
Charmaine Weir-Smith – 2 for the price of 1
Lizz Meiring – As die kat weg is
Robyn Scott – Noises Off
Toni Morkel – The Travellers
Lerato Moloi – 2 for the price of 1

Best Performance by a Newcomer/Breakthrough (Male)

Devlin Brown – Acropolis Café
Matthew Ribnick – The Chilli Boy
Matthew Ribnick – Hoot
Presley Chweneyagae – Cards
Zenzo Nqgobe – Relativity

Best Performance by a Newcomer/Breakthrough (Female)

Ashley Harvey – Sophiatown
Benita Dori – Acropolis Café
Busi Lunayi – Shreds of Dreams
Koketso Mojela – Relativity
Gile Motswane – Nunsense
Nobulani Dangaflele – Sophiatown

Best Costume Design

Brett Bailey – Big Dada
Floris Louw – My Name is Diamond
Phumelelo Dlamini – Cards
Sarah Roberts – Sophiatown
Sarah Roberts – Mother of Rain

Best Theatre Set Design

Chantelle Curnes – Hostile Takeover
Chen Naka and Sylvaine Strike – The Travellers
Gerard Marx - Hear and Now
Nadya Cohen – Acropolis Café
Jannie Swanepoel – Address Unknown
Sarah Roberts – Sophiatown

Best Theatre Lighting Design

Declan Randall – Elephant
Declan Randall – Relativity
Jannie Swanepoel – Address Unknown
Mannie Manim – Exits and Entrances
Wesley France – Green Man Flashing
Peter Mokgosi – Cards

Best Theatre Sound Design

Des Lindberg and Alan Swerdlow – Ying Tong
Larry Pullen – My Name is Diamond
Trevor Peters – Songs From the Mediterranean

LitNet: 01 February 2006

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