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LitNet is ’n onafhanklike joernaal op die Internet, en word as gesamentlike onderneming deur Ligitprops 3042 BK en Media24 bedryf.

PoetryNet Submission Guidelines

  • PoetryNet is open to submissions of original poetry all year round. Poems must be your own work and you must hold copyright to them. Please do not submit poems on behalf of another poet.

  • All submissions must be sent via e-mail. The submission address is litpoets@yahoo.com.

  • There are no restrictions on subject matter, theme, or style.

  • Send your best work. Work that fails fully to satisfy even the author is unlikely to impress anyone else. Please do not submit work that would be better accommodated inside a greeting card.

  • Please look over your work before you submit it. Take the time to check the grammar and spelling before sending your poems to PoetryNet. Any submission filled with errors will automatically be rejected.

  • Send a maximum of five poems per submission. Please note that we cannot consider more than one set of submissions per month. If you submit more than one set of submissions, your poems will automatically be rejected.

  • Please do not send your poems as part of the body of an e-mail message, attach the poems to the e-mail, but only as a single Microsoft Word document attachment.

  • Use single-spacing and a single space between stanzas. Present your poem exactly as you would like it to appear on the website. But please be aware that the online page is smaller than an A4 page.

  • Put your name and email address on each page of poetry you submit.

  • Please include a brief bio sketch with your submission. Include writing history and any published works.

  • PoetryNet will consider poems which have been published before provided that you list details of previous publication so that we may acknowledge these. While we prefer to publish new poetry, previous publication will not be a bar to publication on PoetryNet if our requirements are fulfilled.

  • We will try and respond to you within a reasonable period (up to a few weeks) regarding the status of your submission, but please be patient. We will contact you via e-mail as soon as your piece(s) have been reviewed.

  • We cannot accept anonymous submissions. You may, however, in time-honoured literary tradition, use a nom-de-plume if you so wish.

  • We cannot provide feedback and editing suggestions.

  • Please be advised that no correspondence will be entered into if you are informed that your poems have not been accepted on PoetryNet.

  • PoetryNet is a free site, and we cannot, unfortunately, pay you for your work.

  • You retain all rights to your work.

LitNet: 06 December 2005

Send your comments to webvoet@litnet.co.za, and become a part of our interactive opinion page. Or submit your own poetry to Michelle McGrane for consideration.

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