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"Priceless" is dead

Annali Roux

"Gold digger" - somebody who is regarded as pursuing personal relationships in order to obtain wealth.

How did society desecrate love and passion to the point where it has completely lost its meaning? Where are the days where pizza on the living room floor was romantic? Today it seems as if countless women go from great to gold digger when the time is just right. Even the sweetest of creatures can unpredictably turn into wolves when the sweet whiff of the pound is dangled in front of their ambitious little nostrils.

The world seems to be filling up with good, honest men, and some women, who are unceremoniously kicked into touch because the money had either dried up or wasn't rolling in fast enough. Some are selfish enough to get rid of dependants (one needs a Porsche at some point) whilst others are on a mission to weasel their way into becoming dependants themselves - everybody needs American Express; how can one live without it?

Whitney Houston epitomised the traditional meaning of love when she said, "I'll sleep in grand central station, baby, if you're sleeping with me." Of course, nowadays such silly declarations of love take a back seat to the ambitious nature that has turned the fairer sex and the odd gigolo into the unfairly advantaged in our warped society, using the lure of sex and beauty to overwhelm a (sometimes unsuspecting) partner. I've observed these ever growing phenomena in all walks of life. The picky squeeza at the local shebeen warding off the advances of possible suitors who cannot afford to give her an airtime voucher, or the well-groomed twenty-something meticulously scanning men at the bar on criteria such as brand of clothing and the visibility of a money clip. A man will save up for months for an engagement ring, only to be dumped like hot tamale when his girlfriend (read gold digger) realises that she could probably shop at Gucci and get a bigger ring elsewhere in less time Ö

The way I see it, security has become the proverbial thorn in the side, or the lack thereof, in many relationships. Traditional security in the sense of love and companionship has been corroded into the model of BMW one drives or what the limit on the credit card is. Where did romance take such a volatile turn? When did mothers start instructing their daughters to look for a rich man and not to fall for a skater with a bus pass? More and more women are looking to a life of leisure and comfort at the cost of their own happiness and their partners' credit card bills. Surely one can have a relationship with a credit card only for so long? Countless celebrities spending recurring bouts in rehab, and failed marriages have proven that money cannot buy happiness, yet most women will not tolerate a man if he is not able to pay for at least moderate amounts of plastic surgery and does not drive a sports car! Today people will be kicking off with questions based on occupation, income and location rather than finding out why this person has that cute little scar above his or her eye or what his or her favourite colour might be.

People, where did we as a society start pursuing others for money? Do we have no shame, no dignity, no traditional values? The world became shallow the day affection received a price tag, thus insuring that the good guys always finish last.

Love and romance seem to be dying, and money has become their assassin.

This grim experience of life and love is fortunately not my own. I am writing on behalf of many good, honest and just men and women I know who have fallen victim to the vicious and ruthless pursuits of others who will stop at nothing in order to obtain wealth. It's a damn shame.

LitNet: 23 May 2005

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