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The group shall be named Multilingualism Action Group, hereinafter referred to as the Group, and may affiliate with any other organisation supporting the Group’s main objectives.


Although the Group is based in the Western Cape, its operation is not restricted by any boundaries.


The objectives of the Group shall be:

To further and actively promote multilingualism in all spheres of life, with a primary, but not exclusive focus on Afrikaans, English, isiXhosa and Sign Language;

To promote a culture of understanding between different language groups, and awareness of language rights;

To promote the use and status of marginalised languages;

To empower people through home-language education;

To strive actively for multilingualism in the public and private sector, and to engage communities and authorities to this end;

To encourage learners and organisations through various assistance grants to broaden the scope of multilingualism;

To improve the quality of life of communities by encouraging the use of home languages in the cultural life of those communities;

To advance the objectives of the Group through publications and any other means of communication;

To facilitate, where possible, the co-ordination of activities of people and institutions involved in the language professions;

To engage and utilise the media in promoting multilingualism;

To promote multilingualism through education and research and the creation of terminology;

To solicit donations for the furtherance of its objectives


Membership of the Group shall be open to any person or institution, whether public or private, that identifies with the objectives of the Group, and that shall complete a membership application to this end.

The secretary shall record and maintain a register of the names and addresses of members of the Group.

The Group in General Meeting may determine the amount, if any, of an annual membership subscription to meet the running costs of activities. The liability of members shall be restricted to the agreed-upon subscription.

The Group may bestow Honorary Membership upon persons in recognition of their achievements in promoting multilingualism.


The Management Committee of the Group shall comprise no more than five members and shall provide for a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

Members of the Management Committee shall be nominated and elected at an inaugural meeting and shall hold office until the close of the first Annual General Meeting of members, and thereafter shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. The Composition of the Committee shall be broadly representative of the primary focus languages mentioned in Article 3.

At each Annual General Meeting of members two of the members of the Management Committee shall retire but shall be eligible for re-election. The Chairperson shall not be re-elected for more than two consecutive years.


The affairs of the Group shall be conducted in terms of its constitution and its implementation by:

The General Meetings;

The Management Committee elected by members at each Annual General Meeting;

Any committee or ad hoc committee appointed by the Management Committee.


The affairs of the Group shall be conducted by the Management Committee. The Management Committee may, at its discretion, delegate functions to the officers or sub-committees.

The Management Committee shall have power generally to perform any such acts as may be deemed necessary or expedient to achieve the objectives of the Group, subject to ratification by a General Meeting.

More specifically the Management Committee shall be empowered to:

Co-opt any person, whether or not they are members of the Group, onto the Management Committee, and to fill any vacancy on any committee, until ratified by the next General Meeting;

Set up an Advisory Committee or any sub-committee of whatever nature, consisting of any persons, whether or not they are members of the Group, and determine their powers;

Utilise any income solely in the furtherance of its aims and objectives and shall be prohibited from transferring any portion of the income directly or indirectly in any manner whatsoever so as to profit any person other than by way of the payment in good faith of reasonable reimbursement to any official of the Group arising from services rendered to the Group;

Commission appropriate individuals or institutions to conduct research on the basis of a policy decision by a General Meeting;

Invest and deal with the monies of the Group and to open and operate banking and deposit accounts with any registered financial institution on behalf of the Group;

Donate to any person or organisation such monies as relate directly to the objectives of the Group on the instruction of a General Meeting;

Receive any gift, endowment or bequest and to raise by private or public appeal subscriptions or donations as may be deemed necessary for or incidental to the attainment of the objectives of the Group;

Bring or defend any actions or other legal proceedings in any court of law, or to refer to arbitration any matter, question or dispute, or enter into or accept any settlement absolute or conditional, in consultation with the membership through a General Meeting.


The Management Committee shall:

Keep minutes of all the meetings of the Management Committee in which the names shall be recorded of the members of the committee attending such meetings;

Forthwith deposit to the credit of the Group in an account within seven days all monies, including the proceeds from anything that can be exchanged or converted into money;

Keep such books and accounts as will accurately reflect the financial activities of the Group, including property acquired and disposed of;

Dispose with due diligence the instructions given to the Management Committee by any General meeting of Members.


The Management Committee shall meet at such times, dates and at such places as the Chairperson may decide.

The quorum necessary for the conduct of business by the Management Committee shall be at least three members.

In addition to his ordinary vote the Chairperson shall be empowered with a second vote in case of a tie in votes cast.

An Annual General Meeting of members of the Group shall be held not later than four months after the close of each financial year.

At each Annual General Meeting of members a report by the Chairperson and the audited balance sheet and relevant accounts for the preceding year shall be presented to the meeting for adoption.

A minimum of three ordinary General Meetings shall be held annually in addition to the Annual General Meeting

A special General Meeting may be called at any time by the Management Committee, or by the Chairperson. The secretary shall upon request of at least thirty three percent (33%) of the members of the Group call a Special General Meeting.

Decisions at any meeting shall be taken by a simple majority.

Not less than fourteen (14) clear days’ notice shall be given of any General or Special Meeting by written notice posted to the addresses of members appearing in the register of membership.

If a resolution is to be passed other than the prescribed business of any meeting, due notice of such a resolution shall be given in the notice of such meeting.

If a quorum is not present at an Annual General Meeting the meeting stands to be adjourned for seven days at the same time and the same place and the members then present shall constitute a quorum.

The Chairperson of the Management Committee shall assume the chair of any meeting or failing him a chairperson elected by the members present.


A registered Public Accountant shall be appointed as auditor by the Group in General Meeting to hold office until the next Annual General Meeting.


In the event of the organisation being wound up, there shall be no liability incurred by any member other than in respect of his/her unpaid subscriptions if any or any money he/she may be legally owing to the Group.


The financial year of the Group shall close on the 31st March every year.


Paid officials of the organisation may serve on the Management Committee in an advisory capacity, but shall have no voting rights.

No member of the Management Committee may have any direct interest in or benefit from any contract which the Management Committee may conclude with any company, unless such member has declared her or his interest.

Should the services of a fund-raiser be used for the collection of contributions, the expenses (remuneration and/or commission included) may not exceed 30% of the total proceeds of the collection.


The Constitution of the Group may be amended by a two thirds majority of members present or represented by proxy at a General Meeting of members of which at least fourteen (14) clear days’ notice, excluding the day of posting and the day of the meeting, shall have been given setting out the proposed amendment.


The Group may be dissolved if at least two thirds of the members present at the relevant meeting vote in favour of dissolution. Not less than fourteen days’ notice shall be given for such a meeting and the notice convening the meeting shall clearly state that the question of dissolution and disposal of the Group’s assets will be considered. If there is no quorum at such General Meeting, the meeting shall adjourn for seven days, and the members attending such reconstituted meeting shall constitute a quorum.

If upon dissolution of the Group there remain any assets whatsoever after satisfaction of all debts and liabilities, such assets shall not be paid to any member or employee, but shall be transferred to a non-governmental community-based institution or organisation preferably having the same objectives as set out in this constitution.

André van der Walt, Taalsekretariaat, 15 Herold Street, Stellenbosch.

Tel.: 021-8872713 or 0824626480.
Fax: 021-8872710.
E-mail: taal@linguasek.co.za


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