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Levi'sģ Original Music presents: Rage for a revolution

Press release

Rock 'n roll is rebel music, hip-hop started as the new voice for the disenfranchised and punk aimed to change the world. There has always been a musical channel for the left of centre and the young to express an opinion. Music has been a strong tool to move social situations for as long as people cared to write down the details. Whether it is Woodstock, VoŽlvry or a naked Fela Kuti in the eye of the storm, the tunes have always played an integral part in conveying the message from the streets. And people have listened.

In South Africa protest and uplifting tunes have had key roles in changing opinions. But it was the opinion of a few enthusiasts that the venom has disappeared somewhat. What was needed was a vehicle to convey a message which was still out there, but not often heard. "Freedom was not free and the power of tunes is possibly needed more now than ever before." This was the truth and provided the impulse to step forward and get the word out.

The aim was - and is - to create a new platform for original and border-crossing tunes from South African soil which strike at the heart of social situations confronting people on the street. So from amongst a few enthusiasts the RAGE concept was born, aimed at not letting open-minded border-crossing ideals wither. The broad idea was to create a platform for opinionated and socially conscious artists from across the spectrum to join hands in the first ever Rage for a revolution concert planned for February 2005 at the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town.

For the inaugural Rage, Levi Strauss & Co and 5FM will be working closely with the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) to deliver a positive message of responsibility and awareness, with all proceeds from the event going to the TAC Treatment Project. This means, in effect, that all revenue received from the event will be used specifically to purchase anti-retroviral medicines to treat people living with HIV and Aids. The TAC is at the forefront of South Africa's struggle against the HIV epidemic. The organisation campaigns for treatment for people with HIV/Aids and for more effective HIV prevention, including condoms and life-skills education programmes at schools.

The people behind this concept are Levi Strauss South Africa, who have backed this initiative with the finances to make it possible. Keen to maintain the support they have lent to original artistry of the left-of-centre variety over the past few years, and even more keen to ensure that the opinions sometimes marginalised by mainstream music and politics do get a healthy supportive shove in the right direction on an annual basis.

"We really felt that there was a gap in the annual calendar to provide a platform for the youth to have a say through their musical leaders. Music is a tremendously strong social tool and we thought it was time that these opinions were spread to a wider audience. However, far from tearing down venues and burning small sedans, the aim is to create an uplifting opportunity for socially aware musicians to identify some of the true enemies to social harmony and development. Many of the broader socio-economic issues like race and gender inequality, Aids, poverty, unfair trade and many others need a firmer understanding and awareness from the youth, as this will affect their daily lives for years to come. On 12th February 2005 we will come together to spread a message and celebrate youth awareness, power and a united responsibility. This event aims to create the chance for young artists to spread the awareness and encourage people to be cognisant of their social situations and ask the question: 'What can we do?'

"As for the music: Some of the best bands in the country, on one stage, all in one day Ö Who wouldn't be excited?" - Mike Joubert (MD Levi's SA)

* *

"At 5FM we are constantly looking for real opportunities to support original music from South African acts on quality platforms for years. Additionally, the progressive nature and border-bridging aims of this event fits in 100 percent with what we are trying to achieve. South Africa still has so many semi- or unresolved social issues and we think it is great that the musicians who fall within the 5FM listener's circle are getting up and doing something about this." - John Langford (Station Manager 5FM)

* *

"We got involved because we thought it was a great idea and a chance to inject some militancy into the live music scene. I received my social awareness jab from the VoŽlvry movement during university and think it is critically important for a balanced society to expose the youth to events of this nature. Artists are supposed to be the prophets and role models for their audiences, but in South Africa they are mostly cajoled into situations where it is difficult to express themselves or convey some of the concepts they believe in. It is always great to be involved in events where one aims to broaden the understanding or expose audiences to a wider field of reference. Also, for me, it is funny how everyone hangs on the lips of international acts singing for Aids or drought relief, but actually most of the battles will have to be fought by us ourselves. So it is great if the South Africans are slowly starting to stand up and do it for themselves. We really hope this is the start of an annual musical celebration of liberal opinions with far-reaching consequences. Of course we are also really happy to just plug in some amps and play tunes; in the old days even this was impossible." - Carel Hoffmann (President for life, Oppikoppi)


The line-up is being finalised and Ready D (DJ, Prophets of the City, Brasse Vannie Kaap) and Mr Fat (Brasse Vannie Kaap) have agreed to MC the entire show and will make guest appearances throughout the day. In addition several artists have already signed up for the event. At present the list looks like this:

Springbok Nude Girls
Tumi and the Volume
Bed on bricks
African Dope Sound System
Hog Hoggidy Hog
  Bed On Bricks  

In addition, a smaller dj stage and chill area have been created away from the main stage and will feature dj's such as Marcus Wormstorm and other Cape Town luminaries.

Tickets and information

Tickets are R60 from Computicket and R50 from the Levi'sģ Cape Town Stores, and are limited to 3 000 only.

Gates open at 14h00 and the concert begins at 15h00 on 12th February 2005 and goes on until late. A complete programme with exact performance times will be made available closer to the time.

Check out www.5fm.co.za or www.oppikoppi.co.za for constant updates!

LitNet: 26 November 2004

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