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Abbreviated IBBY Congress Programme

Space has permitted only the most basic information and the names of presenters.
For full details of the titles of papers, speakers' credentials, session numbers, chair-persons, etc please visit our Website:

Sunday 5 September
9 am to 3 pm : IBBY EC meeting : Huis der Nederlanden
10 am to 4 pm : Cullinan Hotel foyer : Registration

5 pm : Mayor's Parlour : Cocktail Party hosted by the Mayor of Cape Town, Alderman Nomaindia Mfeketo, for specially invited guests

6 pm to 10 pm : Artscape Opera House
OPENING CEREMONY of the 29th IBBY World Congress
Invited Guests of Honour include:
Mrs Graça Machel
Mrs Nadine Gordimer
Dr Frene Ginwala
Alderman Nomaindia Mfeketo
Professor Njabulo Ndebele
Professor Es'kia Mphahlele
Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

Presentation of the Hans Christian Andersen Awards 2004 to author Martin Waddell and illustrator Max Velthuijs


Reception hosted by Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.

Monday 6 September
(Note: There will be simultaneous translation between English/French/Spanish in the Concert Hall each day.)

8.30 to 9.15 am : Information Desk : Registration

9.15 to 10.30 am :
Concert Hall : Plenary Session

Welcome by Professor Njabulo S Ndebele (Vice-Chancellor, University of Cape Town)
Professor Osazee Fayose: Not just Books for Africa, but a reading culture too! (Ibadan University, Nigeria)
Teresa Cardenas: Black heroes in the literature for children and young people in Cuba (Storyteller, Cuba)

10.30 to 11 am : Tea, coffee and refreshments

11 am to 12.30 pm :
Concert Hall :
Orality: help or handicap? Agnes Gyr-Akunda (Rwanda) ~
Oral African tradition in Brazil: Rogério Andreda Barbosa (Brazil) ~
Searching for Anansi in West Indies: Cynthia James (Trinidad) ~
Impact of oral tradition in Nigeria: Sunday Frances Okoh (Nigeria)

Main Theatre :
War and violence in Holocaust fiction: Eve Tal (Israel) ~
Healing power of storytelling: Beatrice Lamwaka (Uganda) ~
Can books make a difference? Heidi Boiesen (IBBY Documentation Centre for Disabled Young People, Norway) ~
Let us bring back that smile: Surekha Panandiker (India)

Writers' Programme: Lesley Beake (SA), Jamila Gavin (UK), Riana Scheepers (SA), Peter Slingsby (SA)

Rehearsal Room :
Workshop : Themes and messages in children's books: Joan Atkinson & Caroline Ward (USA)

Orchestra Room :
Workshop : Books linked to everyday life: Piet Grobler (SA)

Upper Gallery:
Poster Sessions: Community-written books: Franci Greyling (SA) ~
International Children's Digital Library: Jane White & Ann Weeks (USA) ~
Two libraries in partnership: Rhona Dubow & Noni Siyoyo (SA) ~
ACT-Cameroon Reading Council experiment: Daniel Tata (Cameroon) ~
IBBY Finland: Maija Korhonen (Finland) ~
Democracy in children's books: Niccola Perez (SA) ~
Biblionef in South Africa: Jean Williams (SA) ~

12.30 to 2 pm : Lunch

Concert Hall:
Special interest groups: Authors & Illustrators / Publishers & Editors / Librarians

1.25 to 1.55 pm: Sanlam Studio Foyer : Storytelling featuring Elizabeth Laird (UK), James Nsaiga (Uganda), Kusum Lata Singh (India)

2 to 3.30 pm :
Concert Hall
Introduction to the IBBY Honour List 2004 Leena Maissen (Switzerland)
Presentation of diplomas to the nominees
Acceptance speech on behalf of the nominees

3.30 to 4 pm : Tea, coffee and refreshments sponsored by Maskew Miller Longman with book launch

4 to 5.15 pm:
Concert Hall :
Picture-book illustration in Africa: Illusafrica (France)

Main Theatre :
African culture in picture books: Vivian Yenika-Agbaw (USA) ~
Images of South Africa in recent US fiction: Brenda Randolph (USA) ~
International books: whose perspective? Joan I Grazer (USA)

Search for identity in Caribbean youth books: Cherrell Shelley-Robinson (Jamaica) ~
Migrations in children's books: Alicia Susana Salvi (Argentina) ~
Orphan tales: folklore, fiction and fact: Melanie A Kimball & Dennis Leoutsakas (USA) ~

Rehearsal Room :
Panel on Book Design : Pat Hutchins (UK), Marjorie van Heerden (SA), Ann Walton (SA)

Orchestra Room :
Workshop : The work of the Tamer Institute: Jehan Helou (Palestine)

Tuesday 7 September
9 to 10.30 pm :
Concert Hall : Plenary session
Professor Elwyn Jenkins: Sharing our stories (SA)
Patsy Aldana: Under the spell of the Moon (Canada)
Gcina Mhlophe: Universal Storytelling Moment shared with children around the country (Storyteller & writer, SA)

10.30 to 11 am : Tea, coffee and refreshments

11 am to 12.30 pm
Concert Hall :
Reading across cultural borders: Richard Van Dongen (USA) ~
Making a change in multicultural Ireland: Valerie Coghlan (Ireland) ~
Multiculturalism for adolescents: Tanella Boni (Ivory Coast) ~
Changing times in South Africa: Niki Daly (SA) ~

Main Theatre :
Reclaiming the 'African': John Agada & Malore Brown (USA) ~
African stories come to Canada: Theo Heras & Pam Mountain (Canada) ~
African tales at the other end of the world: Metka Kordigel (Slovenia) ~
African connections in African American books: Rudine Sims Bishop (USA) ~

Studio :
Writers' Programme : Girija Rani Astrana (India), Joy Cowley (New Zealand) and Dianne Stewart (SA)

Rehearsal Room :
The Future of IBBY : discussion facilitated by Professor Sandile Gxilishe (University of Cape Town)

Orchestra Room :
Workshop : The work of the Sakhisizwe Inset Unit in Grahamstown:
Kerstin Gidfors & Gunilla Lundgren (Sweden)

Upper Gallery :
Poster Sessions :
Family Literary Project in KwaZulu-Natal: Snoeks Desmond (SA) ~
Sister libraries in Bolivia & North Carolina: Pat Farthing, Gaby Vallejo & Linda Veltze (USA) ~
Childhood in African literature: Dr Betty Govinden (SA) ~
Family Literacy Project and the public library: Myrna Machet & Nicolene Wessels (SA) ~
Children's reading tents in Kenya: Jafred Musisi (Kenya) ~
Sankofa journal on African youth literature: Meena Khorana (USA) ~
The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award: Birgitta Fransson (Sweden) ~

12.30 to 2 pm : Lunch

Sanlam Studio Foyer:
Book launch by Kwela Books: "Rights of the Child"

Concert Hall:
Bookbird Associate Editors meeting

1.25 to 1.55 pm :
Sanlam Studio Foyer :
Storytelling featuring Maura Murphy (Mozambique), Philip de Vos (SA) and Surekha Panandiker (India)

2 to 3.30 pm
Concert Hall :
Awards for local literature: Andrée-Jeanne Tötemeyer (Namibia) ~
Children's reading in Francophone Africa: Viviana Quinones (France) ~
Children's books: a necessity in Africa? Fatou Keïta (Ivory Coast) ~
Trends of Afrikaans youth literature: Maritha Snyman & Rudi M Venter (SA) ~

Main Theatre :
Katherine Paterson, Avi, Gcina Mhlophe & David Paterson present dramatized excerpts from notable children's books

Studio :
Teachers' perceptions of books in Nigeria: Ekine Adefunke (Nigeria) ~
In-service teacher training: Renata Junqueira de Souza (Brazil) ~
Using multicultural literature in Setswana: Dr Dudu Jankie (Botswana) ~
African novels in North American schools: Ingrid Johnston (USA) ~

Rehearsal Room :
The Future of IBBY discussion - continued

Orchestra Room :
Workshop : Creating cloth picture books in rural Africa: Anne Pellowski (USA) with Shadrack Tshivase & Thivulawi Nethengwe (SA)

3.30 to 4 pm : Tea and coffee

4 to 5.15 pm
Concert Hall :
Literary memoirs to make sense of history: Jinx Watson (USA) ~
The Xhosa ethos in fact and fiction: Tanya Barben (SA) ~
Collecting folk stories in Ethiopia: Elizabeth Laird (United Kingdom) ~

Main Theatre :
Teacher interest and access to global books: Barbara Lehman USA) ~
Global perspectives in children's literature: Evelyn B Freeman (USA) ~
US trends in multicultural publishing: Patricia L Scharer (USA)

Studio :
Gender portrayal in Ethiopian stories: Senait Melaku (Ethiopia) ~
The fire power of words: Luciana Savaget (Brazil) ~
Past and present in Egyptian stories: Nadia El Kholy (Egypt) ~

Rehearsal Room:
Workshop: Ideas that grow into books for very young people: Barbara Allisen (Canada)

Orchestra Room:
Workshop: Writing as a joyful activity: M Angelina Nuin Caceres (Uruguay)

Entertainment sponsored by IBBY Canada/ Informal supper at the Italian Club
Presentation of the IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award

Wednesday 8 September
9 to 10.30 am :
Concert Hall :
Plenary session Beverley Naidoo: Out of bounds: 'Witness literature' and the challenge of crossing racialised borders (Author, United Kingdom) ~
Jean Williams: The 'Book Flood' Schools Programme (SA) ~
Professor Neville Alexander & Carole Bloch: Feeling at home with literacy in mother tongue (University of Cape Town, South Africa) ~

10.30 to 11 am : Tea, coffee and refreshments

11 am to 12.30 pm :
Concert Hall :
Reader to reader in Project Africa: Kemie Nix & Ashley Bryan (USA) with Charity Mwangi (Kenya) ~
Strategies for community-based library services in rural Africa: Tracie Hall (USA) ~
Developing Planète Jeunes magazine: Kidi Bebey (France) ~
Developing youth literature for young Africans: Lucia Pimental Goes (Brazil) ~

Main Theatre :
Adapting internet technology to Third World literature: Adrian Onyando (Kenya) ~
Virtual literature circles for collaborative learning: Kaarima Kolu & Teresia Volotinen (Finland) ~

Writers' Programme: Workshopping the Siyagruva series: Robin Malan (SA) with others

Rehearsal Room:
Workshop: Accessing our inner child as a source of story: Joy Cowley (New Zealand)

Orchestra Room:
Workshop: Banners, puppets & paper theatre: Mariella Bertelli (Canada)

Upper Gallery:
Poster Sessions: Mobile libraries: June Baatjes & Jeanette Herandien (SA) ~
Children's books in Uganda: Evangeline L Barongo (Uganda) ~
Stories with African and Brazilian authors: Heloisa Pires Lima (Brazil) ~
The Lubuto Library Project for street children: Jane Kinney Meyers (USA) ~
Family publishing to catch them young: Miriam Bamhare (Zimbabwe)

12.30 to 2 pm : Lunch

Book launch by Human & Rousseau

1.25 to 1.55 pm :
Sanlam Studio Foyer :
Storytelling featuring Anne Pellowski (USA) and Vijaylaksmi Nagraj (India)

2 to 3.30 pm
Chair: Peter Schneck (Austria)

Main Theatre : Many languages, one literature? Deepa Agarwal (India) ~
The role of translating in Zambian children's literature: Stephen Banda (Zambia)
Challenges in publishing Coocooloo: Michael Daniel Ambatchew (Ethiopia) ~
Economics of publishing in developing countries: Mofidul Hoque (Bangladesh)

Studio :
Writers' Programme : Maryvette Balcou-Debussche (La Réunion), Ashley Bryan (USA), Dianne Hofmeyr (SA) and Reviva Schermbrucker (SA)

Rehearsal Room :
Youth Drama : representatives of ASSITEJ and South Africa

Orchestra Room :
Reading habits in Gaborone:
Kwasi Darko-Ampem (Botswana)
Developing fiction in Nigeria: Virginia Dike (Nigeria) ~
What motivates children for reading? Tilka Jamnik (Slovenia) ~
Worldwide understanding through modern information technologies: Boris Abersek (Slovenia) ~

3.30 to 4 pm : Tea and coffee

4 to 5.15 pm
Concert Hall :

Main Theatre :
Humour in South African children's literature: Leone Tiemensma (SA) ~
Laughter from East and West: Nilay Yilmaz (Turkey) ~
Recycling Red Riding Hood in comic mode: Sandra L Beckett (Canada)

Studio :
Videos : First Words in Print, presented by the Centre for the Book, Cape Town (Winner of the IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award 2004) ~
Little Hands, presented by the Project for the Study of Alternative Education in South Africa ~

Rehearsal Room :
Learning the language of peace:
Christina Mattise (Canada) ~
The cultures of comics: Sulaiman Adebowale (Senegal) ~
The Lemon Jelly Garden Community project: Helen Limon (United Kingdom) ~

Orchestra Room: Workshop: Bringing oral cultural stories to the page: Rukhsana Khan (Canada)

Thursday 9 September
8.45 am to 3 pm : From hotels Optional Half-Day Tour up Table Mountain and to local schools and libraries

During morning or lunchtime : Authors and illustrators visit local schools and libraries

9 am to 3 pm : Centre for the Book
Humour in the World of Children's Literature (Chair: Professor Betsie van der Westhuizen, University of Potchefstroom, South Africa) Symposium open to the public and IBBY delegates.

5 pm : Somerset House School
CLOSING CEREMONY of the 29th IBBY World Congress

Introduction to the New IBBY EC: Peter Schneck (IBBY President)
Thank-you acknowledgments:

Jay Heale (Congress Organiser)
Kimete Basha I Novosejt (IBBY Executive Director)
Kent L Brown (President of USBBY)
Musical pageant
Invitation to the 30th IBBY Congress in China

LitNet: 25 August 2004

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