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Mini Reviews: MIND BODY SPIRIT Series from Zytec Publishing

Janet van Eeden

Zytec has produced a series of very readable, informative handbooks on esoteric subjects in their MIND BODY SPIRIT series.

Janet McGhee has written a book called Angels for Africa which explains the background of angelic belief. It is a delightful read, informative for those who are exploring the subject for the first time, and enlightening for those who are already familiar with the angelic realm.

Marieelle Renssen has produced a book about Labyrinths and Mazes of South Africa. Once again, for those who have no idea about the principle behind labyrinths, this book will tell you all you need to know. It is just as enjoyable for the already initiated.

The third book in this section is called Astrology and a Lighter Look at the Zodiac by Zelda Dalling. This is a good "how to know your star chart" book with a light approach. It's all the uninitiated will ever need to know about the zodiac and yet serious enough for you to feel that the information about each star sign is valid and accurate.

The Zytec MIND BODY SPIRIT series is a delightful one, and highly recommended to those who are starting out on an esoteric path. It will also be enjoyed by those who are well along this path already.

To Make a Mocking Word Sing, and Get Published is written by Margaret Kollmer. As Barry Ronge says in his foreword, the primary function of words is not merely to communicate, but to entertain. "If language were only to communicate, we would not have above 2 000 words in the vocabulary" he explains. Margaret Kollmer has entered and won hundreds of writing competitions in her long and interesting life, and has achieved the praise of luminaries such as Clem Sunter and James Clark in the process. She has written this book to encourage people to enjoy playing with words and to take up the writing of humorous lyrics for competition or just for the sheer enjoyment of it. This book will be of great interest to those who were born, as Kollmer was, "with a pen in one hand, and Writers' block in the other".

Left to Blush Unseen by Pumla Ka Mtimkulu Madikiza is a collection of short stories written by a woman described by the publisher as a "South African grandmother". The stories are written in a naïve style. The charm and freshness of the narratives perfectly complements the subject matter. Madikiza writes about issues which are everyday topics in township life. This book would make a perfect reader for junior high school.

11 South African Folk Tales 11 Official Languages is edited by Aré van Schalkwyk and beautifully illustrated by Rueben Matemane. Stories by writers from each language group are introduced by Gcina Mhlope. This publication was supported by the Department of Arts and Culture and is a perfect acquisition for a junior school library. That's where my copy is going so that children from all backgrounds can benefit from it.

LitNet: 28 February 2006

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